AVPN Poland – Stowarzyszenie Prawdziwej Pizzy Neapolitańskiej – Szkoła Pizzy


The following doses are based on 1 litre of water:

  • Water 1 litre
  • Salt: 40-60 grams
  • Fresh beer yeast 0.1-3 grams
  • Flour: 1,6/1,8 kg (depending on the degree of absorption).


Flour, water, salt and yeast are mixed together. Pour a litre of water into a mixer, dissolve between 40 and 60g of salt, add 10% of the total amount of flour, then add yeast.The dough must be worked in the mixer, until a single compact mass is obtained.

The quantity of water that a flour is able to absorb is very important to obtain an optimal consistency of the dough.

Once extracted from the kneading machine, it is placed on a work table in the pizzeria where it is left to rest covered with a damp cloth so that the surface cannot become hard, forming a sort of crust caused by the evaporation of the humidity released by the dough itself. After the time deemed necessary to settle and rest, the dough is formed, traditionally by hand.

Once the loaves are formed, a second leavening takes place in boxes for food of variable duration, depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment and the absorption of the flour used.

Forming the pizza base

With a motion from the centre outwards, and with the pressure of the fingers of both hands on the dough ball, the base is turned over and around many times.


The true Neapolitan pizza must be garnished with ingredients preferably from Campania regions.

The peeled tomato crusched by hand doesn’t have to look too dense but chunky.
In case of fresh tomato, it has to be chopped in slices.

The buffalo mozzarella (chopped in slices) or the fior di latte(chopped into strips) have to be spread uniformly on the pizza.
The grated cheese (if used) has to be spread on the pizza with a circular and uniform movement of the hand.

The fresh basil leaves are just put on the condiments.

The extra virgin olive oil is poured with a spiral motion.


The cooking must be done exclusively in a wood-fired oven, which has reached a temperature between 430-480C°. With these temperatures, just insert the pizza for 60-90 seconds. The pizza will cook evenly across the entire circumference.

Let’s analyze the final aspect of the true neapolitan pizza after cooking in the wood-fired oven:
  • The Neapolitan pizza is roundish, with a diameter max 35cm;
  • The Neapolitan pizza presents a raised edge (the famous “cornicione”), swollen and free from burns, 1-2 cm;
  • The Neapolitan pizza must be soft and and fragrant